Predicament bondage

Copied from my other blog  I tried my hand at predicament bondage tonight. I have been missing out! Why didn’t I try this sooner??? I think I was afraid it was more complicated than what it is. I wrapped cotton string around and around his penis and left a loop. I used a silk scarf … Continue reading Predicament bondage

Was told my fingering is perfect

That’s rope fingering you dirty minded readers! I’m taking lessons from K in rigging. I’m learning the basics right now. Like single and double column ties and a couple knots and rope chains/belts. Next week I’ll be learning harnesses! I was told last night that my fingering is perfect. You have to be pretty adept … Continue reading Was told my fingering is perfect

Fantasy fulfilled 18+ #NSFW

The following depicts a fantasy involving consensual non consent. If this is triggering for you I suggest you do not read any further. She pulls into His drive excited and nervous as usual. What would He have planned for her today? A delicious spanking using His numerous tools? A session on the cross? A thorough … Continue reading Fantasy fulfilled 18+ #NSFW