Importance of confidantes

I confided in my sister and my best friend about the fact that I have completely submitted to my husband in all aspects, including our everyday life and sexually. They both had noticed a change in me, a change in US (my husband and I), in the way we look at each other, communicate, interact […]

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Lazy head

I was commenting on Submissy’s post about giving blow jobs I realized my comment was turning into a blog! I related very much to her post. Demanding random blow jobs was my husband’s first way to test me also. As he admitted after, he wanted to see if I really meant it when I […]

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Patience little sub, patience

So if you’ve read any of my blogs you know that I recently confided in my husband that I wanted to try living a D/s lifestyle and he has agreed. Since then sex has been often and amazing but our relationship has grown too- with more openness, honesty and trust than we’ve ever had. But […]

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He is enjoying this lifestyle

Sayyid just texted me saying he was swamped at work. Good, I thought, no order/task to complete today, which is good since I’m busy  packing up to go camping for 4 days. I then receive a second text one minute later with, yup you guessed it, an order! He’s clearly enjoying his new status so far, […]

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It’s been almost a full week without release. He knows this. He knows how much I want him. How much I crave him right now. Just a little touch please? I fear that’s all it would take, a small touch right there and I’ll explode. Yet he’s laying there all nonchalantly watching his nature show, […]

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