Sayyid’s Time out. My follow through.

Sayyid has been absolutely wonderfully these past few days. I have not lifted a finger. Housework done, laundry washed, meals cooked, drinks brought to me -all without me having to even say anything. It’s been amazing. And then today. I’m sick. He’s been good, bringing me medicine, cooking dinner, etc. But just now he got … Continue reading Sayyid’s Time out. My follow through.

Sizzlin’ Saturday week 2

This week’s Sizzlin’ Saturday from Naughty Nora Sizzlin’ Saturdays Weekly Writing Prompt- Week 2 1. What is a sure-fire way for your partner to get you in “the mood”. With Words. Hot, sexy, dirty words whispered into my ear. 2. Where is the most unusual or kinkiest place you have ever fooled around/had sex? An inner … Continue reading Sizzlin’ Saturday week 2

Assignment from a mentor: dig deep

I’ve been asked to delve deep and find out why I still have a lasting desire to submit to a male. It’s not all the time.... anyway here I go, digging deep....   A need to feel protected I sometimes have a need to feel protected, to feel safe and secure. Most men are physically … Continue reading Assignment from a mentor: dig deep

A loving caning

From two nights ago... After instructing him to remove his pants and shorts, I tell him to lay on his stomach in the middle of the bed. “No speaking tonight.”  “Yes Your Highness.” Watching him silently for a moment, I admire the way his masculine body starts out broad in his shoulders and tapers down … Continue reading A loving caning

An Intro to F/m – Part 11

Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male

My apologies if this seems like a repeat of any material… it kind of is, but I am packaging it in a different way.

I find that the concept of “strong” and “weak” subs ends up being a rather divisive factor between M/f and F/m.  I am not going to say that certain sub types are weak (or strong), but going more off of the perception of how they might be seen, hence, the quotes.

As a whole, M/f is very comfortable with the idea of a sub needing to be cared for.  M/f is comfortable with the idea of subs that need structure to stay on track.  M/f is comfortable with the idea of subs that do not wish to make decisions.  By and large, a lot of M/f revolves around the idea that subs have a lot of needs that their dom must meet or they unravel.


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Our Brief talk on chastity

I sent sayyid this blog by Exquisite Dungeon to read because I really liked how she explained how having her man locked in chastity makes her feel. When he got home I asked if he read it and how it made him feel. He said he shivered while reading it. He didn’t mean from excitement lol. More … Continue reading Our Brief talk on chastity