A little about D/s 2.0

Sayyid wanted to talk about our future last night. He came prepared with typed out notes so I know he put a lot of thought into it. Our talk began with both of us taking responsiblity for crashing our D/s. The details are not important. Suffice it to say he did not put the work [...]



So have I slacked off on the housework lately? Yup. Have my legs gone unshaven? Uh huh, yes indeed. Have I cooked dinner lately? Nope. Bedtime? What’s that? Greeting him at the door? Well I shouted hello from downstairs, does that count? I just can’t help thinking “What’s the fucking point now?” UPDATE: I guess [...]

Continuing my blog

First I want to say thank you to all who have expressed their support and empathy, whether through the comments section, clicking like or emailing me personally. I truly, truly appreciate you all. Someone mentioned that often when a person’s D/s relationship goes sour, the person abruptly stops blogging, most times without explanation. I was [...]


(I wrote this blog earlier but published it today) Several days ago I blogged about my Disappointment is our D/s relationship and how over the past several weeks we have slowly been slipping back to “vaniallville”. Sayyid read it and felt it was disrespectful towards him, so I posted an apology to him. We had a discussion [...]

D/s drift

I listened to this podcast from Loving BDSM: Coasting in your D/s relationship  and realized Kayla and John Brownstone were describing exactly what Sayyid and I had experienced the last few weeks! They both drifted out of their roles as Dom and sub and it affected their dynamic. It happened at the same time for [...]

I believe

Reading Little Red Lambs Blog “I believe” made me remember not too long ago when Sayyid bit me harder than usual right where neck meets back. It was during love making and I cried out, from pain and from pleasure. I so enjoy his nips, bites, pinches and smacks. This time when I woke the following morning I could still feel the sting and ache from where he bit me. The sensation later dissipated but while it lasted I savoured it, a little secret reminder of his claim on me. It is rare for Sayyid to hurt me to any great extent where there are marks or residual pain the following day. I would welcome this if Sayyid desired it, and the day may come that he does desire this. Over time Sayyid went from being apprehensive to enjoying spanking me and his biting is fairly new (since the introduction of D/s) so I can only assume there is some sadism in Sayyid – and I welcome any further development to this darker side of him.

Little Red Lamb


Before I open my eyes I can feel the bruising. It’s early morning so I have time to slowly assess my body. Tight abs fatigued by the core strength last night required. Deliciously achy thighs. As usual the back of my neck, above my hairline where nobody will notice when I put my hair up for work, is swollen and tender.

This is my favourite wound, it always is. And although I love to see my bites and bruises, run my fingers over the rise in flesh and the heat of rushing blood beneath the surface, this is always my favourite. This bite, no, it’s not even a bite, it’s a feral claiming, I wear like a collar. It’s not used often, it’s used when I’m at my worst, when he’s at his best, when I need it most. It’s an instant resetting of my psyche.

Picture a wolf…

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