Our Brief talk on chastity

I sent sayyid this blog by Exquisite Dungeon to read because I really liked how she explained how having her man locked in chastity makes her feel. When he got home I asked if he read it and how it made him feel.

He said he shivered while reading it. He didn’t mean from excitement lol. More from fear. Fear of what’s coming for him.

“But….but there’s no need for you to lock it up. We already know it belongs to you. I don’t touch it without permission.”

“Oh my love that’s true. But it’s what I want. To know you’re locked up just because I want it that way.”

”I know! You’re not thinking of my comfort at all and how it feels for me.”

I just laugh. He pouts. He is so adorable when he pouts.

“Why? Why do you want to lock that up? Let’s find something else for you to lock up.”

I shake my head. “Nope. That’s the only thing I want.”

I change tactics now. I remind him of what she said in her blog. That it’s a bond between them. “That’s how I see it for us my love. Knowing I’m going about my day with that key around my neck, and you knowing I have the only key to  set you free….. it creates a special connection between us. It strengthens a bond we already have.”

I see from his look this is something he hasn’t thought of before. I like to leave things like this, to end our brief talks with a thought in his head, that he can ponder on his own time. So I decide to bring our conversation to a close.

“It’s inevitable my love. It’s no longer a matter of ‘if’, just ‘when’.”

He looks at me. Then down. Silence.

I smile. It’s beginning to sink in for him.

14 thoughts on “Our Brief talk on chastity

      1. Non existent at the moment, thankfully. He hasn’t ordered a belt or even measured me for one yet (whew!). Although he did forget that when he was talking about his month-long experiment, he promised not to do it during our honeymoon (when he’s taking a full month off from work). I had to remind him what he said, and fortunately he remembered then. So…it won’t be for a while yet I think. 😀 Maybe I can postpone it indefinitely…??

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  1. SG, as a fellow Dom, one who has been a Dom a long time, I must admit I’m a little concerned with some of the things you show here. When your sub is clearly communicating his dislike for a certain thing, you laugh at him and tell him that it doesn’t matter, it’s inevitable. In other words, his fears and feelings don’t matter, because you’re going to get your way no matter what. That’s a bad image for a Dom to show. It is a Dom’s responsibility to fulfill the wants and needs of the sub, while keeping them protected and safe. And it is clear that he doesn’t feel emotionally safe at this point, because you’re laughing at his fears, and telling him they don’t matter as long as you get what you want. With the power and control comes the responsibility to put his happiness and peace of mind above yours.

    You’ve done good in other areas that I’ve read, but you may want to rethink how you’re looking to your sub concerning this issue.

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  2. I am so sorry I didn’t see this link earlier! Happy to hear other people are reading us and using our blog to explain to partners what they want out of their own relationships. That’s pretty awesome.

    Thanks for the ping back. If you feel like you or sayyid need to chat with us, shoot us an email. 😉

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