Fur. It’s sexy and feels good, especially when rubbed against my breasts.

What is the fascination with fur? There are a great many men who have a fur fetish and a great many woman who, if not have an obsession, at least take immense enjoyment from wearing it.

It’s understandable. There is nothing else like the feeling of fur against bare skin. The soft, silky texture of it, running your hands over it, watching the fur ripple as you do. Delicious.

I have two fur coats in my possession. A short mink and a long beaver (I am Canadian after all!) When I wear them, I feel sexy and somehow powerful. I have worn them during a scene to put me on the mood. However to be honest I don’t keep the fur on for very long because I get a bit heated.  Just long enough to feel the fur against my skin, to run my hands along my breasts while he stares at me, wide eyed, wanting to touch but not being allowed.

It’s interesting to see the reaction women have over fur. I have a fairly realistic faux fur coat I regularly wear during winter. It is a magnet for other women. They are drawn to it, and can’t help but run their hands over it.

The first day I wore this coat to work, a number of my coworkers gathered around to pet me – er the coat -it was quite the experience. That’s when I truly realized the specialness of fur.

My supervisor and I were standing by the elevater that day and I could not help noticing how she kept staring at my coat. I finally turned to her and said “You wanna touch it don’t you?” She nodded her head and laughed, so I offered her my arm to pet.

I can only imagine the reception I’d get if I walked into work wearing one of my real furs!









25 thoughts on “Fur

  1. I always find a woman in fur to be sexy. It’s strange the way that they just seem to… enjoy existing as they are, almost like they are lost in the moment. I don’t know of too many things that are capable of doing that in a public setting. I find that to be very beautiful, although I’m not the type to obviously stare… but that is why we have peripherals 🙂

    Do you enjoy the attention that the other women give you? I would have to imagine that you blush while being petted. In recent years it has become less and less common for women to own a nice fur like in previous generations. I find it a bit odd at times that women are drawn in like that yet they don’t seem to desire one of their own like in the past.

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    1. So true. Me in a fur store -something just happens…. and the way the attendants treat me is awesome. Especially the really cute one lol

      Yes I did blush a little at first from all the attention because it was unexpected. But then it felt good.

      I agree with your last statement.

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    2. SayydsGirl, my congratulation on the fine picture. Black and white – a pure classic in its best. On the first plan a black faux fur – ecological yet elegant. And the white part, hmm …’ juste en premiere classe’. Had Leopold von Sacher-Masoch lived in modern day Canada he would have forgot about Baroness Fanny Pistor and choose this lady for his companion for the journey to Venice.
      Fur, I think it’s due to 2 factors: 1st ecology and all this fuss with amimals welfare, 2nd we produce more and more good quality faux furs, sport jackets, coats, etc. And yes, direct staring is bad but … thanks God for peripherals!

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        1. Oh, silly me! I do apologize for this faux pas.In first moment I even thought that it might be real mink but then I changed my mind as there is such a presure from eco people, so I thought you wouldn’t dare to show of publicly on the blogsphere in a real fur. I should follow my first guts feeling. How can I do penance for such a sin, Ma’am?
          As for the white part, I dare to say… it is ‘naturel et beau’ in its prime glory, Ma’am.

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          1. For such an offence upon their legitimacy, I would suggest kneeling and begging forgiveness from the fur gods would suffice, ‘semble juste, oui?’

            Et merci beaucoup xo


          2. Re: this is a reply for the comment below as a ‘replay box’ doesn’t open any more

            Avec plaisir, Madame.Je vais tout de suite sur mon genou.

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  2. I do love me a good quality faux fur coat! There’s something about it that’s so luxurious and makes me just want to don a string of pearls and get my pencil skirt and heels on! 😂 That and the last time I wore one I was told I looked like I should be in Game of Thrones! 😂

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  3. I love the feel of soft fabrics. Not sure I can do fur. Animals. But a good faux is fine for me and the quality has improved a lot over the years. A good faux costs more than real fur now which is a problem we now have in the UK.

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  4. Love the photo.

    I inherited two fur coats when and aunt of mine passed away. I didn’t like them though. I enjoyed petting them, but hated the way I looked in them. I ended up donating them to a high school drama club.

    I am an environmentalist, but I think that animal use is okay in certain situations.

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