My little Irish tram driver; whiskey; sayyid learns to sext; & I need an O

So those that follow me will know I have been on an all-girls trip to Ireland for the past eleven days. I’m having a blast! I love the Irish people, country side, city and night life.

I’ve shed some inhibitions while here (some I will need to return to once home but that’s ok). One of those is drinking. I haven’t drank in years but on this trip I have learned I am a whiskey girl lol. Jamieson and ginger ale with a splash of cranberry to be exact. Deeee-licious! In fact as I type this on a bus back to Dublin I think I still may be a bit tipsy from my night out in Killarney last night. Hehe

But anyway back to the original purpose of this post.

Sayyid is fairly vanilla as most of you probably have picked up on. Sexting is not his fortay. We’ve never had much opportunity to practice so I don’t blame him. But as I near the end of this trip I have to give him kudos for improvement. At the beginning his sexting was pretty lame lol. Nearing the end of this trip now and he’s gotten quite good at it.

Too bad he wasn’t this good at the beginning when I had more privacy to really enjoy his words. I’m traveling with four other girls. Every couple of nights we hop a bus and go to a different town or city. Our first few places afforded privacy enough that I was able to have orgasms. These last few stops the privacy has been non-existent.

I’m used to daily orgasms. I believe  it helps my mental state to stay regular. Needless to say I’m a bit irritable these days having gone without.

So it’s understandable that I have sex on my mind, a lot, right? Lol Yestersay we took a horse and tram ride through the mountains and even amidst all that natural beauty I kept fantasizing about our young driver.

So naive and innocent, having grown up in the middle of nowhere on the side of an Irish mountain. He attends college in the city but like a good boy returns every summer and on weekends to help the family business.

Knowing my love of caning, you can imagine where my thoughts kept going every time this cutie used his switch to motivate the horse. When he would swing it in the air every so often it would make that swishing/whipping sound, just like my cane back home, and I wanted to take it from him, bend him over the side of the tram and use it on that adorable Irish ass of his. I was positively salivating.

Mommy-Domme was triggered and I had a strong desire to take this little one and teach him a thing or two. I just knew he would be so eager and earnest to learn too -you know how sometimes you can just tell with certain people? I pictured him restrained spread eagle on the bed, his eyes widening as I approached with the leather strap that he had used on his horse, in my hands….mmmmmm.

Damn. Pull yourself together girl!

One more night in Dublin and then I board my plane back to Canada. I’ll get in quite late so realistically I’m looking at three more days before I can get my hands on sayyid. I hope he’s ready!

In fact I know he’s ready -“hard and horny”, just the way I like him. I will be positively aching by then, which should make the O (or O’s, since I plan on having multiples) that much sweeter.

It’s just a shame that I can’t bring my little Irish tram driver back with me, sort of like a souvenir. Ah well…. fodder in case I manage to sneak in some “me time” before reaching home. Hehe

4 thoughts on “My little Irish tram driver; whiskey; sayyid learns to sext; & I need an O

  1. OH my! I am salivating reading this! Thinking of being restrained spread eagled on the bed with a leather strap about to be used on me is so exciting. I haven’t had a good whipping for too long.
    I hope you had a suitable reuniting with Sayyid.

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