So tonight was our first full night back together after two weeks apart. I don’t have a juicy sexy tale to tell. It’s that time of the month and my heaviest day so I didn’t want anything for me tonight. But I wanted something very special sayyid.

I was in Mommy Domme mode. I’ve had him in a diaper once before but that was a punishment, although to be honest we found he enjoyed it too much so it wasn’t quite effective as a punishment.  With that in mind, I gave him a choice. Tonight I would pleasure him orally and he would be permitted an orgasm, on the stipulation that he wear a diaper, all night.

He was up for it -literally. Talking about putting him in a diaper got him hard. Interesting…..

I took one from the stash under the bed, had him lay down and lift his bottom as I slid it under him. I then proceeded to bring him to a rather intense orgasm.

Afterwards I cleaned him up, calling him little one and my baby. After applying some powder I then fastened the diaper on him.

And he loved it. He enjoyed the nurturing from me, the slight humiliation of it, the feel of the diaper cushioning his parts. He had that delicious combination of arousal plus shame at being aroused. It seems perhaps a diaper lover has been born. Time will tell but he did say he would enjoy wearing them again.




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