So I made reference to a babygirl in one of my recent posts and some of you have asked me to elaborate on it. I wanted to wait until it was official before I commented. Well it’s official.

I have a babygirl.

For those unfamiliar with it, there is a dynamic within D/s refered to as MD/lg (Mommy Dom/little girl), which is the F/f equivalent to DD/lg  (Daddy Dom/little girl) and something that appeals to me.

We met on fet a few weeks ago. Almost a month now. I joined a group for Mommies and babygirls and received a few messages from those looking for a Mommy. And so began the process of getting to know them better.

One, let’s call her kitten, was super cute and liked to move fast. She sent me her first naughty photo during our first conversation together, without being prompted I might add. Also, here’s a tip. When a girl tells you she just got out of the shower and is lying naked on the bed, with “hands wanting to explore”….. she wants you to take control of the situation.

So I obliged. I brought her to the edge and kept her there until she was begging me to give her permission to cum. It was my first time playing this way with a female and it was….hot! Much easier than with a male I might add. Probably because we have the same parts so I could easily put myself in her place and know what would feel good, just how far to go, when to hold back, etc.

Kitten and I chatted a few times and while it was enjoyable, I just didn’t feel that spark of attraction. This is important because I am hoping for a meet up in the real world with my babygirl. If the attraction isn’t there, it just won’t be the same in person.

At the same time I was also getting to know another potential. Let’s call her kitty (what’s with littles also being into pet play? Seems common.) Kitty moves a bit slower than kitten. Well, moved. Past tense.

She was shy during our first few conversations. Quite adorable. Very respectful. She is a submissive first and foremost (her own words); a little second (although not small when little. Damn. I do enjoy a little in diapers. Well there’s time to work on that); and a kitten third. I like that she is a sub before anything else.

We started chatting before my trip to Ireland. I continued to email her while I was away, just small tasks mostly designed to get to know her better.

I could tell she was interested. And then a couple days ago I told her if she wanted to be my little girl, here were my expectations to begin with. She accepted.

The attraction is there, especially after she sent me some naughty photos of herself in the bath. Again this came unprompted. I was willing to wait since she seemed so shy in the beginning. But it seems now that she is officially mine, she is quite eager to please and impress me.

And impress me she has. In fact, prior to kitty, my f/f fantasies never included me going down a girl. I was always the recipient of such pleasures. However, that has changed. I want to take this little/sub/kitten and restrain her to the bed and do all sorts of wickedly naughty things to her! I want to see her squirm, not from pain but from exquisite pleasure. To hear her moan and beg for release.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to spank her deliciously spankable bottom though. Or send her to the corner, naked, wearing her tail butt plug. This one craves control and a strict Mommy and I have no problem stepping up. I relish it in fact. So far she has been on her best behaviour. But I’ve seen hints of cheekiness which means there is a bit of brat potential. Time will tell.

For now, due to distance, we will work within the boundaries of fantasy and self stimulation, with our respective husbands ready, willing and able to fulfill our more hands-on needs. But there is great potential that one of these days I will have my hands (and lips and tongue) on her.

And that dear readers is a little about babygirl.



13 thoughts on “Babygirl

        1. Yes he does lol
          As for fitting in, what I do with sayyid and what I do with her is separate. There is no combining unless that’s down the road, when/if her and I meet in person and that’s something I choose to happen

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          1. He doesn’t mind me playing with a female (especially if he can be involved in some way lol) but playing with a male in real life is a hard limit and something that won’t hapen.

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