A Gift of vision


This photo right here sent to me by a friend is…. Everything. I am sure there is not a FemDom out there who would not salivate at it. It evokes so many delicious fantasies and endless scenarios.

It’s not just the perfectly formed bottom. The muscled arms and wider shoulders tapering down to narrow waist. The line down the back… you know, the one you just want to run your tongue down? The cock that is locked up by my command.

All of those factors are delicious. But what really makes this photo so scrumptious is the skin. The words “virgin skin” come to mind. The smoothness of it begs to be flogged. One can’t help but imagine the red stripes forming from the strikes of the cane. Reddened hand prints on each firm, rounded cheek. Watching as he flinches with each contact. Hearing his moans and whimpers, because this little one is not so good with pain.

Can you envision his head thrown back with each strike? Can you hear his cries? See how he squirms and pulls at the restraints that keep him in position?

Such delicious visions this photo evokes.

This also has me questioning why.  Why does an image like this evoke such visions for me? Why do I enjoy impact play so much?

I’m not sure. I know that it triggers my domspace. I feel empowered standing behind, in front or over him, entitled to use his body as I desire. I and I alone have the power to give pleasure or pain. Or both.

When I play I like to start off with impact. It reminds both of us of our respective places, mine above, his below. It sets the mood. It heightens my arousal. I am sensual in my sadism. I bring pain but I balance it with pleasure.

After impact I like to move on to sensation play. That too is sensual.

Sensation play can raise the senses to a heightened level of sexual awareness. Blindfolds, bondage, wax, noise canceling headphones, etc etc all tools of the trade. I enjoy them all.

When I’m exercising my control through sensation play I’m in the zone. I can see the sweat start to glisten off his back. Hear his moans of pleasure. See him flinch when he has the blindfold on and doesn’t know what is coming next. I’m turned on by this and by knowing it’s through my doing that he is reacting this way.

These are the thoughts that come to mind when I see an image like this. Thank you little friend for this delicious gift.


6 thoughts on “A Gift of vision

    1. Isn’t it though?? He’s more into the psychological aspects of power exchange, not so much the physical. He took this pic while working out because well he has come to know me and my desires and thought I would enjoy it. Maybe he didn’t realize just how much I would enjoy it. Hehe

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      1. Yeah same. For me it’s psychological first, physical second but they both work hand in hand 🙂 Is he one of your subs if you don’t mind my asking?
        I can see why he thought you would enjoy it, he certainly is a handsome chap! 🙂

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