472. Thoughts on Sadism vs. Malice

Clear, concise and easy to understand explaination.

Femdom Ramblings from a submissive male

It’s sort of ironic that I had this blog post title already saved as a draft I was intending to write about when a couple of minutes ago a Domme friend messaged me about receiving some negative comments from someone that completely relates to this topic.  I was originally planning on writing this from a perspective of dominant guilt and reluctance but I figure that is a good enough reason to write it in a more general sense.

I think that a lot of people shy away from the term sadist.  This is common with newer Dommes and for “curious” men that are looking at the D/s lifestyle from the outside in.  I know many veteran Dommes that embrace the term completely and consider it an essential part of who they are.

For a straight forward definition I will be working with: a sadist is someone that derives pleasure (usually…

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