You will obey me, won’t you baby?

I’ve been denying my sayyid. Almost two weeks now. He’s been horny. And cranky. So I decided to give him some release today. But not how he wanted it (in the ass of course). Because of his crankiness he would cum how I wanted him to cum. Best to keep the sub happy. But still maintain control.

But first me. I always come (cum) first. It’s a rule I recently imposed. I like my new rule. Hehe

Aftee he brought me to orgasm with his fingers I sat up and announced “now it’s your turn my love.”

He positively glowed.

I started with my hand and tongue. He was already rock hard. As I brought him closer to climax I spoke these words:

“Do you trust me my love?”
He doesn’t sound too sure as he stutters “y-yes…”

“And do you trust that I will do what is best for us?”

“Do you like being submissive to me?”
“Mmmm yes I do your Highness.”

“And you like making me happy, right?”
“Yes, yes oh God I do.”

“Well it makes me happy when you do as your told.”

“Tell me, does it make you happy to do as your told for me?”

“See this is why I need you to trust me. I know it’s been a while since you last came—“
“Oh no! Does this mean—“
“No sweetheart you’re going to cum for me tonight. Don’t worry…. But knowing you waited this long makes me so happy and it turns me on. You want me to be happy and turned on don’t you my love?”
“Yes. Oh God I’m getting close!”

“Are you going to behave better for me?”

“Are you going to obey me?”
“Yes! Yes! Can I cum?”

“Yes baby you can cum for me now.”

He did not get the pleasure of me swallowing him tonight. Instead I let it dribble down his cock, along his crack, to pool on the sheets — his side of course. And I continued stimulating the tip until he begged me to stop, just for good measure.

After he cleaned himself up and changed the sheets I reminded him of the words I spoke and he agreed once again to behave better and obey me. He thanked me for allowing him to cum tonight.

Aren’t I sweet for doing so? 🙂

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