Non reciprocal sex

I let him know tonight is about me using his body. For My pleasure only. He willingly gives it to me.

I tie his wrists together using the double column tie recently taught to me by K, my Domme friend. I stand him up against the wall in just his boxer briefs, blindfold and tied wrists, telling him how sexy he looks!

I begin with caresses, up and down his back, ass and thighs. I tell him I want to bring him to a 7 tonight on a pain scale of 1-10 and ask if he’s ok with that. He says he is if it will make me happy.

I start with the feather crop and lightly dust his body from head to toe, feeling him relax. Flipping it to the crop side I continue to keep it light and tap up and down, with a few harder slaps to the ass. I also use my hand to give him some moderate spankings. He moans when I do this.

Next comes the flogger, dragging the red suede ends up his back to get him used to it first. Then I start slowly making figure eights across his back, increasing my speed but not the intensity at first. He can’t see me but I’m also using my left hand, pretending to hold a second flogger, to get used to the movement. (One day I want to be efficient at Florentine flogging.) I build the intensity, checking in with him to ensure I’m not going past seven or eight. He enjoys the flogging.

The session continues much the same way using all the instruments tonight. I haven’t done impact play in awhile so I pull no stops. I stop periodically to let him know how pleased I am with him. It ends with the cane and sayyid calling red.

(Yes I promised to keep it at a seven or eight but the red was a result of punishment he received for looking back after being warned not to multiple times.)

After putting away my tools I take off his blindfold but keep him tied and instruct him to lay on the bed. I tell him I’m going to fuck him now and remind him tonight is about My pleasure so he is not to cum.

Three orgasms later I’m done. He’s not happy about being denied. Grumbles how it’s not fair. (This later changes to him saying he is happy his body could bring me pleasure.) But this is all part of his training.

I remind him to trust me for I have the bigger picture in mind as to what is best for us. I tell him how proud I am of him for staying in control of himself because I know how hard that was for him. This makes him feel better.

What he doesn’t know is that tomorrow I plan to make it about him.

And then ask him afterwards if he thinks it’s fair that only he got to orgasm. Wonder what his answer will be?


Non reciprocal sex. When only one partner receives release. It’s quite common for men to be on the receiving end of this. How many times has a woman given a man a blow job and not had it reciprocated? How many times do men cum during sex but the women doesn’t have an orgasm?

Most men are used to the idea of non reciprocal sex for the man (and many women too.) It takes some getting used to the reverse -where it’s the woman achieving orgasm and the man who is left without release. Submissive men who crave submission or who are trained in non reciprocal sex understand the concept. It feeds their submission. This is part of sayyid’s training.

My mistake tonight with sayyid, and I will openly admit to when I’ve fucked up, is not winding him down afterwards. Instead of just ending things, I should have given him a little massage to relax him and bring his heightened state of arousal back down. He knew ahead of time tonight was going to be about My pleasure only and fully accepted it. But when he spoke about the unfairness of it, it was from this heightened state of arousal. Had I winded him down after I think his response would have been different.

Live and learn for next time.





3 thoughts on “Non reciprocal sex

  1. Very hot! I’ll bet he enjoys being denied as much as I do. After I wind down from being taken to the edge, I feel like I had an orgasm, only better, because I am still very horny.

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  2. Sounds like training is going well!

    The vast discrepancy between male and female sexual release per encounter is precisely what I have been talking about in my posts about chastity. I knew there was a term for it but could never remember. I tell HD that it’s only sex if both people orgasm, otherwise it’s a favor. 😝

    We haven’t tried a wind-down technique beyond cuddling. I usually cry from being stimulated with no release and HD tells me how proud he is, etc. and we snuggle together. But no actual gradual winding down. I’ll mention that to him, maybe I won’t take denial so badly then.

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