About Me


Well I guess I better update this About Me page since it’s been a while and quite a bit has changed since I first thought I would be submitting to my husband. I’ve kept the original About Me blurb for posterity’s sake.

This has definitely been and still is quite the journey. I think adventure is more apt a word. Throughout the process I discovered I don’t make the best of subs and he doesn’t make the best  of Doms. I dislike labels but I see their usefulness at times. So if I were to label myself I would be someone who Switches.

Currently I am exploring my dominate side, and the husband is exploring his sub side. I would not call myself a Domme. It’s too early into this part of the journey for that title to be used.

I still enjoy being on the bottom. Receiving spankings, rough “use me” sex, the words that go along with that, etc. Only now I say when that happens.

Anyway, enough about me. Explore the blog if you wish to know more. It’s very much a progression….towards what? Only time will tell.


This is the story of my submission to my husband after 22 years and him coming into his role as my Dominant. I’ll try to be as honest as I can along the way. Feel free to comment.

My journey starts where all journeys do, at the beginning

*My blog often deals with adult matters of a sexual nature and should only be viewed by those 18+ and not easily offended. #NSFW