Where is my submission?

“I need you to do {such and such} for me this morning.” My response? “No, not right now. I’ll get to it later.” After months and months of simply obeying, it finally happened today. I said “no”. Not that I hadn’t said no before, just this time there was no hesitation, no wondering how he … Continue reading Where is my submission?

The post I didn’t want to write

I have written and rewritten this post half a dozen times or more. It keeps coming out all wrong. I will just try and make it simple. I am not submissive to my husband anymore. Bottom line is he wanted my submission without having to put forth any effort, without having to learn and to … Continue reading The post I didn’t want to write


I asked Sayyid for a therapeutic spanking last night. Everyone has their own descriptions for the various types of spankings out there so I will go through what each one means for us at our house. I’ll start with the least intense and work my way up the scale. Note: for any of these spankings … Continue reading Release

My first day as Domme (score 1 for Sayyid) 18+ NSFW

It started out well and I had a good handle on things the majority of the day. It began with the typical thing every new Dom tells their sub to do at the beginng: ditch the undies. Also a text to “Be prepared to pleasure me tonight. I want to start with a sexy over … Continue reading My first day as Domme (score 1 for Sayyid) 18+ NSFW