Initiative works both ways

I’ve been letting him get away with a stuff lately. Mostly the way he talks to me. I let it slide. It happens again. I remind him. It happens again. Etc etc. So last night when he demanded I remove an app from his phone -yes demanded! -I thought nope, can’t let this slide anymore, … Continue reading Initiative works both ways

Reader questions part 2

When I was stuck for topics to write about, CollaredMichael helped by providing a list of questions. So without much further ado, here are my answers: Favourite toy? Well up until recently it was my Dolfinger vibrator, an oldie but a goodie. Unfortunately Dolfin died. The day before sayyid left for a week’s vacation too! Not to … Continue reading Reader questions part 2


Something changed this week. A discernible shift in sayyid’s submission. I had ramped things up quite a bit around here. I showed more of my displeasure in him. Making him rephrase his words to be respectful. Every time. So he is asking not telling. Telling him to address me properly whenever he forgot. Letting him … Continue reading Changes