Back on top (18+ NSFW)

A good friend reminded me of something very simple and true tonight -if sayyid is not showing initiative I can punish him for that! I’ve been behaving very stubbornly. Pouting because of his lack of interest and/or initiative. I forgot the Domme that I am. He should be the one concerned over keeping my interest. … Continue reading Back on top (18+ NSFW)

Initiative works both ways

I’ve been letting him get away with a stuff lately. Mostly the way he talks to me. I let it slide. It happens again. I remind him. It happens again. Etc etc. So last night when he demanded I remove an app from his phone -yes demanded! -I thought nope, can’t let this slide anymore, … Continue reading Initiative works both ways

In his own words – part two

In In his own words – Part one I explained that I had given sayyid a list of questions to answer in essay format. Here is Part Two of sayyid’s Essay..... Duties and Resposibilities of a Submissive I think the most important duty in the sub’s life is obeying every command given by the Domme. This establishes … Continue reading In his own words – part two

A very good boy 18+ NSFW

“Get a cane and bring it to me.... in your mouth,” I order and sit on the end of the bed, feet on our leather ottoman. He approaches, cane in mouth and stands before me. “Undress.” He does so, a little awkwardly with the cane still his mouth, taking it out to lift off his … Continue reading A very good boy 18+ NSFW