Initiative works both ways

I’ve been letting him get away with a stuff lately. Mostly the way he talks to me. I let it slide. It happens again. I remind him. It happens again. Etc etc. So last night when he demanded I remove an app from his phone -yes demanded! -I thought nope, can’t let this slide anymore, … Continue reading Initiative works both ways

In his own words – part two

In In his own words – Part one I explained that I had given sayyid a list of questions to answer in essay format. Here is Part Two of sayyid’s Essay..... Duties and Resposibilities of a Submissive I think the most important duty in the sub’s life is obeying every command given by the Domme. This establishes … Continue reading In his own words – part two

A very good boy 18+ NSFW

“Get a cane and bring it to me.... in your mouth,” I order and sit on the end of the bed, feet on our leather ottoman. He approaches, cane in mouth and stands before me. “Undress.” He does so, a little awkwardly with the cane still his mouth, taking it out to lift off his … Continue reading A very good boy 18+ NSFW

Punishment for lack of attention

Sayyid was punished last night for ignoring me like all day yesterday! If you’ve been following me or know me at all you’ll have come to realize I’m a bit of an attention whore. I love attention. I crave it when I don’t get it. Now don’t picture someone who is the life of the … Continue reading Punishment for lack of attention